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Leadbetter Kids Shanghai Students First to Graduate Level One Program

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

The first Leadbetter Kids global students to graduate from Level 1 of the Leadbetter Kids 6-month training program.

Leadbetter Kids Shanghai students become the first global class to complete the Level 1 six-month training program.

Here at Leadbetter Kids, we believe that first impressions are important, and this proved no exception for these young students from Shanghai when it came to trying out golf. Every student found their way into the Leadbetter Kids Program by attending a free demo class, from there parents discovered this learning program carried many benefits for their children both on and off the golf course.

Shanghai Head Coach Bruce Whitehead is very excited for the way the program began and what the future holds in Shanghai.

“The unique thing about Leadbetter Kids is that we are bringing golf to children their local communities by creating indoor training centers. The entire curriculum is built around fun and games, and making their first impression of golf an exciting one, from the first second they touch a golf club. Most of my students had never tried golf before, let alone any sport, and could not speak English prior to beginning the program six months ago.

"I have seen great transformations in not just their golf games, but also their entire character. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know their personalities, so I truly understand how to best help them for the future. A lot of what we are teaching these kids far exceeds golf. We teach them public speaking, how to introduce themselves to others, how to be respectful to their peers, fitness, English, and so much more.”

In Level 1, students learn golf basics with introductory golf equipment, which includes oversized golf clubs and tennis balls. As these students move to Level 2, the golf equipment will evolve to real club and ball, and students will get their first opportunity to spend time on the golf course.


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