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Inaugural Leadbetter Kids Tournament Series Event in Shanghai, China

Sunday April 29th- Hongqiao Golf Club, Shanghai

The eagerly awaited first global Leadbetter Kids Tournament Series kicked off in beautiful sunshine at the nine-hole Hongqiao Golf Club in Shanghai, China. Thirty-Five participants’ ages 8-14 years old participated in three divisions (A, B, and C) based on age and playing ability.

Most of the “C” Division players have been training under the Leadbetter Kids program Level One for only six months, so it was great to get them on the golf course and into their first ever experience in tournament golf. Each of them came out with the instruction of try your best and don’t forget to smile all the way around.

The spirit of the game was followed by quality sportsmanship from all players, as well as many supportive parents who showed up to watch and encourage their children’s participation.

Bruce Whitehead, Director of Leadbetter Kids Coaching in China, hosted the event.

“It was really great to see how the kids bonded, and it was clear the kids were really enjoying the tournament experience. Even though it was a competition, all participants showed great sportsmanship and etiquette, hallmarks from learning under the Leadbetter Kids Schools Program. For most kids in this event, it was their first time in tournament golf. We had volunteers with each group who helped the children with scoring, rules, and demonstrating proper etiquette around the golf course. It was a great event, and we look forward to hosting many more in the future.”

Everybody that played was declared a winner, and took home a nice goody bag including a Callaway ball marker set.

The Top 3 from each division were as follow’s:

“A” Division:

Johnny Jin (participated in training at LGA World Headquarters in Orlando, FL)

Risae Zhang

Ping Yu

“B” Division:

Angelina Chen

Alina Ju

Jingyi Lee

“C” Division:

Howard Pan

Niunie Zeng

Raymond Chen

Many new friends were made on the day, and players are already excited about next months event which will feature 18 hole of competition for the “A” and “B” Divisions.


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