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David Leadbetter Talks about Launching Leadbetter Kids

David Leadbetter recently sat down with RunGolf in Beijing, China, to discuss his newest global initiative, Leadbetter Kids.

Leadbetter Kids is an introductory junior golf program coaching children as young as three years old. Each Leadbetter Kids facility specifically trains coaches how to teach golf to young children. Children enrolled in the program start with a beginner-oriented golf equipment set, and as they work through the program, their equipment evolves into much of what you would see on a regular golf course today.

While the core of the Leadbetter Kids program is golf, children can learn a multitude of additional valuable life skills that they can apply to the rest of their lives, including: respect, sportsmanship, honesty, how to develop a healthy and active lifestyle, and education.

David is very excited about the opportunity for Leadbetter Kids to grow the game of golf globally through the next generation of players and teach them how to be successful along the way.

"The reason I want juniors to play the game of golf is because golf and life are quite similar. Many of the traits we see in golf can help you in your everyday life. That is why golf is so good for kids, because kids who play golf are generally a very high-quality sort of person. As you learn the fundamentals of golf, you learn fundamentals of life," David Leadbetter

The first three Leadbetter Kids Golf Schools, located in Shanghai, Tianjin and Dhaka, recently opened in December of 2017.


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