Welcome to LK Online!

Online coaching for 4-12 year olds
from Leadbetter Kids
How it Works
When you have registered we will send you a link through our CoachNow Coaching Space that will link you through to our Head Coach at Leadbetter Kids, Gavin Grenville-Wood.  (You will need to download CoachNow from the App Store or Google Play)  Throughout your time with us online, you have unlimited access to your coach as well as access to some exclusive video content, as well as online video consultations.
LK Private Coaching
This month long program will relate directly to your individual coaching needs.  Instruction will be based on you submitting videos, after which we will present constructive instructional feedback, as well as what to practice to improve.  You will have unlimited access to LK Online for the entire month, sending through as many videos, comments or questions as you want.
Cost: $99 per month | $30 per week
LK Online Program
This is a structured month long program that follows our Leadbetter Kids Curriculum.  We will provide you with the coaching, the games and challenges as well as some life skills and golf education.  The games can be played by the whole family, creating the opportunity for some outside family time.
Once you have completed month one, you will then move on to months two and three after which you will receive a certificate to state that you have graduated form the program!
Week One | Putting
Week Two | Chipping
Week Three | Pitching
Week Four | Full Swing
Cost: $120 per month

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