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About Our Program

Our award winning schools program is proving to be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Our mission is to give kids a deep rooted love for the sport, one which will mean they are golfers for life. We know we’ve succeeded if the kids are still playing golf when they are 30.


At school we aim to have fun with the kids, using games that are easy to play and easy to succeed at, allowing kids to achieve and feel good about themselves. These games facilitate the learning process by giving the kids the “essential” love for the game.


Only when the kids love the sport, can we as coaches, start to impart our technical expertise. They will develop their own thirst for knowledge, by being increasingly inquisitive and motivating themselves to improve. Our school program is affordable and we try to
remove all barriers to participation. The more that participate at this stage, the more golfers we will create later on.

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement:
To develop healthy, active and self motivated children, and to teach them the skills to be future champions in golf and life


•    We want to grow the game and the next generation of golfers
•    We believe that starting at an early age gives every child the opportunity to reach their potential
•    We believe that children learn quicker when they are having fun.
•    Our Programs have been developed from a Problem Based Learning perspective to encourage open thinking
•    Children are set achievable goals and targets. We hope that this will give every child confidence both on and off the golf course
•    We want children to see that golf is fun, but also to understand the disciplines and respect that are the long standing traditions of the game


Promoting Movement

Crawling, Walking, Running, Galloping, Jumping, Hoping, Twisting, Spinning and Skipping

Squatting, Weaving, Anti Clockwise Movement, Coordination and Landing

Kicking, Patting, Pushing, Handling, Holding, Underarm Throwing, Two Handed Catching, Overarm Throwing, One Handed Catching, Weaker Foot Kicking

Under & Over, Shuffling & Rolling, Speed & Direction and Left & Right Hand

Putting, Chipping and Swing considering skills such as Aim, Stance, Ball Position, Distance Control, Speed and Tempo

Golf at School: Stage 1

  • The vision of our program is to give all children the chance to try golf and for those that do to give them a pathway to one of our partner golf clubs.

  • A true grass roots program, Coaches go into schools and give all the children the opportunity to give golf a go.

  • The school sessions are games led activities using age specific plastic equipment which can be used inside or out.  Stage 1 has three elements:

  • Taster Session - this is the first contact with the children, usually (depending on size) two year groups are chosen and each class has a 30 - 45 min session packed full of fun games.

  • The Taster Session is free to the school after which parents pay online for the 5 week program

5 Week After-School Club

After School Club - parents sign their children up to an After School Club (ASC) online, there are 4 weeks based at the school where each week the children learn skills through games as well as developing life skills such as honesty and respect…

Golf Club Visit - 5th Week is based at the golf club to create a link and to introduce the parents and children to life at a club.  The child will also be introduced to real clubs and balls for the first time.

Implementing Life Skills

Golf at School: Session Plans

Golf at School: Stage 2

Once the children have completed Stage 1 they are encouraged to join Stage 2, which also consists of 5 weeks, but based exclusively at the Golf Club.

The 5 weeks cover the basics of:

•    Putting
•    Chipping
•    Swinging
•    Irons
•    Drivers
•    Hitting the ball a long way!
•    Skills for Life

Once the children have completed Stage 2, together with the parents, we can all make an educated choice as to whether or not to continue their journey into golf, by joining the year round program.

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