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The Founding Principles of Leadbetter Kids

To develop healthy, active, and self-motivated children, and teach them the skills to become future champions in golf and life.

Programs and Classes

Leadbetter Kids academies offer weekly classes designed to be flexible to fit many different schedules of busy families. The program focusses on golf with a strong emphasis on athletic development and life skill education.  Classes run concurrent to the school semester with regular skills and fitness challenges that keep us all informed as to the kids' progress.

Become Active!

Leadbetter Kids physical activities burn boundless energy, help build flexibility and strength, develop motor skills and hand eye coordination, and encourage overall fitness and healthy living. Based on the performance theories that include movement, athleticism, and power.

Beyond Golf

Due to the nature of the game, and the way that it is played, we have a great opportunity to development certain life skills:

  • Building Confidence and Self Esteem

  • Accepting responsibility for learning

  • Discipline

  • Concentration and Focus

  • Etiquette

  • Honor and Honesty

  • Teamwork

Boost Your Brain!

Leadbetter Kids classes and activities help teach children the fundamentals of good decision-making, concentration and discipline; all skills important for life long problem-solving abilities and creative expressionism.  Healthy Body = Healthy Mind right?

Why Leadbetter Kids?

Leadbetter Kids classes teach children ages 3-18 physical, mental and social skills through combined activity stations of golf fundamentals, basic English skills and other important Life Skills training and learning, all in a fun and safe environment.


Leadbetter Kids is an “Experiential Learning” environment where children learn subconsciously by replicating real life situations and interactions with other children and adults.

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